Iowa City on a Football Weekend

If you are planning on making the trip to Iowa City during a weekend when there is a football game, then you are a smart person. There is an aura of electricity that turns this small town into a sea of black and gold, and there are several ways you can enjoy it.

o          Go to the Game

      This is your ultimate goal. If you haven’t gotten tickets before planning the trip, don’t worry too much. There are hundreds of people near the gates of Kinnick who are desperate to sell at the right price. Simply enjoy the atmosphere. Grab a beer and a bite to eat, stop by a friendly tailgate, and then go enjoy some exciting football. That really all there is to it.

o          Ped Mall 

If the scalping a ticket hasn’t worked out, your day hasn’t been ruined. Hop in a cab and head across the river toward the downtown area. You want to get dropped off at the Pedestrian Mall (the masses of energetic Hawk fans will give it away). From there, you just have to make a decision on where to watch the game. It’s not an easy one, because there are dozens of viable options. Top bars to attend on gamedays are: Brothers, Union, Spoco, and Joes Place. After the game is over and the city calms from its afternoon frenzy, think about taking yourself or the family out to eat.

o         Coral Ridge Mall

A perfect Sunday morning after a gameday would involve a trip to Coral Ridge Mall. This mall is not awe-inspiring by any standards, but for Iowa, it is pretty big. Everyone likes to shop when the time is right (come on fellas, admit it), and Coral Ridge offers a variety of tastes. Go to Scheels All Sports for a quick fishing fix, and then head to Barnes and Noble for some coffee. This is a good place to relax and appreciate what Iowa City has to offer. Hopefully you will be back soon.