Warm Weather Means More Fun in Iowa City

While the end of the spring semester looms in the midst for the future of UI's college population, the weather keeps getting nicer while the to-do list of homework gets longer.

It's as if the population of Iowa City has doubled as students and community members have come out from hiding in fear of the chilly weather. If the sun is shining, jubilant faces with a beer or two in hand will sequester porches and roofs throughout the downtown area. 

If you are looking for a nicely crafted brew that is different than the usual fat tire or blue moon, opt for a local Backpocket Brewery, Slingshot, Gold Coin, Penny Whistle, Jacknife, or a Wooden Nickel. These craft beers are now available in all liquor stores around Iowa City.

Not in the mood for a drink?

 If you want to be outdoors and enjoy the weather, get a group of friends together and head to a park. A few near to downtown include City Park (200 E. Park Rd.), Hickory Hill Park (800 Conklin Ln.), and Hubbard Park (51 N. Madison St.). Not only are parks a great place to throw a Frisbee, football, or play some soccer, but also grilling out! At College Green Park (600 E. College St.) Looking for a place to take your dog outside to run and bask in the sun? Thornberry Off Leash Dog Park (579 McCollister Blvd.) is just the place, it has a vast sidewalk loop around the perimeter of a fenced in area. Also, if your dog is an avid swimmer, a small pond is off to the far end of the park, fenced in so dogs can be free to swim and run around. 

If you are a runner, keep reading to find out where/when Iowa City’s 5k and 10k runs will happen this summer. Not only can you get involved with running, the rec center offers various fitness classes for all levels of expertise ranging from Zumba to Crossfit. Be sure to check websites like (http://www.bikelibrary.org/) the Bike Library website to find group bike rides that are scheduled to happen near you.

However, if you are looking for something to do during the weekend, the Mill will have many open mic nights and various shows happening throughout the week. There is also a great patio area to sit, listen to the music and enjoy the warm weather from a relaxing summer’s eve. The Yacht Club, with the hilarious “Catacombs of Comedy” shows, can allow an evening of laughter and fun down the dimly lit hallway to the stage area. Gabes, also equipped with an outdoor patio accessed by the upper and lower levels of the building, will have plenty of great concerts throughout the summer.

Looking for an afternoon of drinks and good company but want to sit outside? From what people have been saying, the best places to grab a drink and sit outside are Mondo’s Saloon, Brother’s Bar &Grill, Martinis Beer Garden, Graze, and the Mill, just to name a few.

It doesn’t matter who you are, an outdoorsy person, an avid ‘party-goer,’ a music enthusiast, or perhaps a fan of a great novels with the subtle enjoyment of reading at a local coffee shop. Iowa City is full of local appreciation bursting at the seams within every shop, restaurant, and venue in the downtown area. All you have to do is get out and check it out for yourself.